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Scouting offers challenge and adventure to 400,000 young people and 100,000 adults across the UK. We do some pretty amazing things in Scouting, but for us, adventure is a way of life and not just an activity or expedition. Our Scouts grow in confidence by trying out new skills and stretching themselves. Whether it's an Explorer trying out his French on an international trip or a Scout leading his Patrol for the first time, each time we challenge ourselves, it's a step forward. When a Scout stands up to a bully, or sticks up for what they believe in; that's an adventure

Mid Herts covers the central area of Hertfordshire including Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and the surrounding villages of Welwyn and Codicote. We are a large and growing Scout District containing several strong and thriving Scout Groups. Our members range in age from 6 to well... older than most! If you're not involved, you are definately missing out - why not click on one of the links on the left hand side to find out more about scouting in your locality and how you could get involved

Within the District there are 11 groups supported by the District Executive Committee.

Most groups have 3 sections :-

Beaver Scouts 6-8 Yrs
Cub Scouts 8-10½ Yrs
Scouts 10½ to 14 yrs.

The Groups are supported by a Group Scout Leader and a Group Executive Committee.

We also have Explorer Scouts 14-18 yrs, These are supported by the District Explorer Scout Commissioner, who is there to help the leaders produce an interesting and fun programme for the young people.

The 18-25 yrs belong to the Scout Network which is run by the County.

We also have a Scout Active Support Unit. This section is for those who prefer not to run a section but do support the District by helping out at District events. They also have their own social meetings.